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Programs and Courses

  Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management  
  Batch starts from 20th July, 2015  
  Apply Now  
INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM - focus on the US Patents and Patent Process. Also, comprehensive coverage of the European and the Indian Patent laws.
Washington University USA (GWU is among the top 3 Universities in the world to offer courses in US Patent Law to non-lawyers)
HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED FACULTY. IP Attorneys, Patent Agents and IP practitioners will be involved in training. Each of them having experience varying between 8 - 15 years
PAID INTERNSHIP. 3 months Industry Internship is an inherent and compulsory part of our PGD program. GIIP is the first and only program in India to provide paid internship, where the participant shall receive stipend
EMPLOYABILITY AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT. GIIP believes that an excellent academic IP education combined with a wide spectrum of practice-based courses and opportunities provides our graduates with a significant competitive advantage. The focus is to develop skills in areas like Prior Art/Patent Searches, Analysis, Landscaping, Claims & Specification Drafting, Filing and Prosecution.
  The 9-month diploma program is recommended for  
  • Graduates/Post-graduates/PhDs with science, engineering and other technical qualifications
  • Domain Experts, Research Scholars, Teachers and Professors
  • Legal Professionals (LL.B. & LL.M.) with technical background
  Participants appearing for their final year/semester exam are also eligible to apply  
Course Curriculum
  The PG curriculum is tailored to meet industry requirements as well as the needs of aspiring professionals. It includes up-to-date education in US, European and Indian Patent and IP laws and procedures and is designed and delivered by outstanding professionals with rich teaching, research, industry and consulting experience.
  GIIP's curriculum is enriched through affiliation & partnership with:  

The program is divided into following 3 trimesters:

  • Introduction to Intellectual Property: History, Concepts and Types
  • International Treaties and Conventions for Protection of IPs
  • Role of Intellectual Property in Growth, Development, Trade and Commerce
  • Various types of Intellectual Property Rights: Trademarks Basic, Copyright Basics,Trade Secrets, Geographical Indications, Semi Conductors and Integrated Circuits, Industrial Design
  • Protection & Maintenance of IP
          - Trademark: Statutes, Filing Procedure
          - Copyright: Statutes, Filing Procedure
          - Trade secrets: Protection
           - Patent: Statutes, Filing Procedure
  • IP & Patent Litigation
  • Patent Process via PCT
  • IP & Patent Licensing
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Patent Searches (Patentability searches)
  • Patent Analytic (FTO, Invalidity, Landscaping, etc.)
  • Claims and Specification Drafting
  • Patent Prosecution
  • IP Valuation
  • IP Portfolio Audit and Management
  • Commercialization and issues related to technology transfer
Note: 13th Week and 26th Week are reserved for examinations of Trimester I and II respectively.
The last trimester will be devoted for Corporate Internship
  Additional Skill Enhancement Modules  
  • CAPPS & PAT (modules on business, technical and legal writing and presentation skills)
  • Computing skills (legal research, PatentEase, Patent Insight Pro applications)
Course Fee
The course fees is Rs. 2,82,000*/- (Rupees Two Lac Eight Two Thousand only) all Inclusive
Full registration fee amount (Rs. 25000) to be adjusted
Includes fee for GW University certificate course
Includes tution fee, study material, tea/coffee snacks at the Institute
Hostel / PG accommodation charges separate
Education loan facility is available from Avanse Financial Services (DFHL Group) and
   Credila Education Loans ( An HDFC Bank company)
Admission and Selection Process
Stage 1: Written Admission/Entrance Test in 8 cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Bhubneshwar) across the country

Stage 2: Personal Interview.

Online Application Form available from 26th February 2015
Entrance Test 7th June 2015
Declaration of List of shortlisted candidates for Personal Interview 10th June 2015
  • Online display of results on
       Institute's web site
  • Institute will send email to all
       shortlisted candidates intimating
       Interview date, time
       and venue
Last date of registration fee (Rs. 25,000) payment 20th June 2015
Personal Interview schedule 22nd - 27th June 2015
Declaration of results 30th June 2015
Full refund of registration fee (Rs. 25,000) for candidates not selected for the course 7th July 2015
Last date of course fee payment for selected candidates 7th July 2015
Declaration of 2nd List of shortlisted candidates for Personal Interview (based on availability of seats) 8th July 2015
  • Online display of results on
       Institute's web site
  • Institute will send email to all
       shortlisted candidates intimating
       Interview date, time and venue
Commencement of classes/session (both at Delhi and Bangalore centres) 20th July 2015
You can register for the course online - The Application form fees for PG Diploma in IPR and Patent Management is Rs. 940/- (Non Refundable)

To Register and submit online Application - Click Here

(Note: For online admission form and payment of entrance exam fee, you would be redirected to our partner's site)
  Click here to view the Sample paper for Entrance Exam  
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Start Date, Venue and Class Schedule
The next batch of the 9-month PG Diploma program will start from 20th July, 2015
Venue: GIIP Centres at Delhi and Bangalore
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