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Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management

Last Reg.Date: 07-Jun-2015
Location: New Delhi

Global Institute of replica watches Intellectual Property (GIIP) is delighted to announce 3-week Certificate Course on Patent Search and Analytics Techniques, from 16th March to 02rd April 2015. Classes will be held at GIIP Delhi centre from 10 AM - 4 PM.

The course covers patent searching & analysis techniques using different Databases, statistical tools, data mining and rolex replica data visualization techniques; used for patent landscaping that helps in identifying competitive and technology trends. The training will also focus on the significance and use of Patent Landscape Analysis, for identifying ‘white spaces’ in related technologies.

COURSE SCHEDULE  (Week- wise Schedule)

Week 1 -




  • Patent Searches – Overview and Importance
  • Tools and Methodologies for Patent Searches
  • The Science of Patent Classification – Patent Classification Codes – Overview and Significance.
  • Patent Searches - The Generic Process Flow: Scoping of the Search
  • Patent Searches - The Generic Process Flow: Demonstration Examples, Case Studies, Search Report Preparation Guidelines
  • Patent Searches Versus IP Analysis Objectives – State-of-the-Art, Patentability & Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) Searches – What? When? Where? How?; Differences between Patentability and FTO Searches.
  • Hands-on exercises / assignments
  • The first high school proms


Week 2 -

  • Patent Searches Versus IP Analysis Objectives – Demonstration Examples, Case Studies, Patentability & FTO Search Report Preparation Guidelines
  • Closure of the Search Process Flow – Consolidation, Report – Out
  • Invalidity Searches
  • Evolution of a Generic Patent Landscape
  • One major project


Week 3 -

  • Patent Landscapes - Overview & Significance
  • Outputs of Patent Analytics: Patent Maps – Tools for Efficient and Effective Visualization of Patent Data / Information
  • Claim Charting
  • 2 major projects



For 3-week course fee is INR 36,400/- (Rupees thirty six thousand four hundred only) 

For participants interested in specific module, course fee is as following: 

Week 1 (only) = INR 12,500 (Rupees twelve thousand five hundred only)

Week 2  (only) = INR 15,500 (Rupees fifteen thousand five hundred only)

Week 3 (only)  = INR 17,500 (Rupees seventeen thousand five hundred only)

Week 1 & Week 2  = INR 23,800 (Rupees twenty three thousand eight hundred only) 

Note: Service tax @ 12.36% is applicable on the above price


  • Fill the attached application form and send the same along with course fee to our Delhi office. (Note: Cheque / DD to be made in favor of "Global Institute of Intellectual Property Pvt. Ltd", payable at New Delhi).

Delhi office address:   #254, Third Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase – III, New Delhi – 110020