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IP Pro, bangalore   |   Aranca, Mumbai   |   Titan Labs, Mumbai   |   IPR International Services, New Delhi   |   RNA Legal, New Delhi   |   Sumpraxis, New Delhi   |   K&S Partners, New Delhi   |   Khurana & Khurana, New Delhi   |   Selvam & Selvam, Chennai   |   IDS Infotech, Chandigarh   |   Remfry & Sagar, New Delhi   |   JSW, Bangalore, Bangalore   |   Biogenomics, Mumbai   |   NAPROD, Mumbai   |   Obhan's & Associates, New Delhi   |   Vutts & Associates, New Delhi   |   United Lex, New Delhi   |   Zeus IP, Law firm, New Delhi   |   Invntree, Bangalore   |   Clairvolex, New Delhi   |   Legis Support, Pune   |   i-runway, Bangalore   |   Inohelp, New Delhi   |   Brain League, Bangalore   |   Lex Orbis, New Delhi   |   SKS Law Associates, New Delhi   |   Bcause, Noida   |   Longbow legal, kolkata   |   Calyx India, Mumbai   |   IOTA IP, New Delhi   |   Lall & Sethi, New Delhi   |   Spray Engineering Devices, Chandigarh   |   WIPRO, Bangalore   |   Orchid Pharma, Chennai   |   Zen Design Solutions, New Delhi   |   Johnson & Johnson, Mumbai   |   Lupin, Pune   |   MetaYage, Bangalore   |   Vidurneeti, Mumbai   |   Lakshmi Kumaran Sridharan, Bangalore   |   Stellarix, Jaipur   |   Maxval IP, Chennai   |   Talwar & Talwar Consultants, Chandigarh   |   Jubilant Organosys, Noida   |   Tecesq, New Delhi   |   CCBUL Consulting, Bangalore   |   Sci Tech Patent Art Services, Hyderabad   |   Perfexio Legal, Noida   |   Inttl Advocare, Noida   |   Surana and Surana, Chennai   |   Tencom Intellectual Ventures, Gurgaon   |   Origiin IP Services, Bangalore   |   D E Technologies, New Delhi   |   Law Firm of Naren Thapetta   |   Innovent Stategies Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai   |   Patra Code, Bangalore   |   Sieben IP, New Delhi   |   Synoptic IP, New Delhi


INTELLECTUAL Redefines The Paradigm Of Senior Management Hiring In India.

Intellectualz.com Career Advancement Services (CAS) to IP & patent professionals help them make the right career choice. The focus is not only on getting the best compensation, but also on job satisfaction - the importance of finding the ‘best fit’. To avail CAS services, please register for FREE by filling the attached registration form or visiting our website www.intellectualz.com.


A few of our prestigious Clients include Remfry & Sagar, K&S Partners, Lex Orbis, IP Pro, Titan Labs, Zeus IP, RNA Legal, Brain League IP Services, Selvam and Selvam, IPR International Services, Panacea Biotech replique iwc, Cognizant Technology Limited, SABIC, Biogenomics, Calyx Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Jindal Steel Ltd., SKS Law Associates, rolex replica Sumpraxis BPO, Aranca, Longbow Legal, Kolkata etc .

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  • If you are searching for different jobs available with a particular company, just enter its name. For example: Remfry & Sagar, Panacea Biotec, JSW Steel etc.
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Mentoring Program Mentoring Program

  • Intellectualz.com will assist IP Professionals to make the right career choice
  • The Mentorship Program aims at a healthy interaction between you and an IP practitioner
  • The focus is not only on getting the best compensation, but also on job satisfaction - the importance of finding the 'best fit'.

Resume Critiquing Value Added Services

Resume Writing

  • Why does the company want to hire YOU, as opposed to other qualified individuals who have submitted their resume too?

Resume Critiquing

  • The deciding factors for a resume to be considered by the HR/employer.
  • Is resume length matches with the career objective and skill set?

Interview Tips

  • Job interviewing never seems to get any easier - even when you have gone on more interviews than you can count.
  • You are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills.


  Intellectualz helped me achieve my current career goals with in a very short period of time by assisting me find a suitable job. I would like to thank Aatish for his suggestions and follow up during t  

IP Pro, Bangalore

  Dear Sir, I would like to thank Intellectualz.com for taking time to get to know me and putting forward my resume for the job that suited my skills and personality. I am very grateful that Intel  

Girija Patnaik
LogicApt, Chandigarh

  I would like to thank intellectualz for all the help and support. I highly recommend it as a professional, diligent and extremely competent consultancy who helped me to find right position and opportu  

Lex Orbis

  I'm a B. Tech Biotechnology graduate with around 4 years of industry experience before joining PGD in GIIP, It was a difficult decision for me to quit my job and join this programme. After initial 6 m  

Varun Sharma
IP Pro, Bangalore

  I would like to convey a special thanks to Aatish and the entire Intellectualz team for getting me a job with a Top 10 IP law firm within a time frame of 1 week. The activeness and superb assistance   

Vikash Kumar
Singh and Singh Lall & Sethi

  This goes straight for Aatish and his professional attitude, which helped me land in the right company at the right time. Intellectualz/Aatish took care of my expectations and helped me take the muc  

Ajitabh Dogra
Lex Orbis

  Aatish and his team at Intellectualz have helped me in getting the kind of job that I had been looking out for quite sometime. I got a job within ten-days of Intellectualz picking up my CV. The follow  

Irina Dey
Mind Merchants​

  I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in facilitating my placement with Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan. Your suggestions were quite helpful in preparing for the written test and the intervie  

Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridhanran

  The efficiency and promptness of intellectualz.com is unmatched. One day I got to know about this organisation and within a week's time i got recruited in one of the finest IPR firms in India. Mr. Aa  

Deepanshu Juneja
Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan

  I would like to thank Aatish and the entire Intellectualz team for getting me a job with a Top 10 IP law firm. That too within a week of first contact! Thanks a lot for providing a headstart to my car  

Vibhav Bisht
Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan

  “I would like to write a personal note to thank Intellectualz.com for all the help that had rendered to me to secure my new job. A truly dedicated consultant, he has demonstrated professionalism, co  

Yogesh Bhardwaj
Global IP India

  Sending my resume to Intellectualz.com was one of my best decisions. I think Intellectualz.com is the best consultancy firm in the IP industry. My consultant Aatish was very professional and helpful t  

Monika Garg
Lex Orbis

  Intellectulaz is doing a commendable job by providing a platform for all the IP enthusiast. The services offered by it are of world class. I personally took their career advancement and placement serv  

Saurabh Anand
Singh & Singh Associates

  Aatish has become a friend during the whole job application process. I received personalised service and my resume reached the right people in all the companies which otherwise would have been lost in  

Neha Ramani
Krishna & Saurastri

  I would like to thank Intellectualz.com for providing me with an opportunity to work with India’s best law firm in Intellectual Property. The team of Intellectualz.com is the best recruitment I have  

Vineed Nair
Remfry & Sagar

  Help from Intellectualz.com gave me a chance to be challenged in our assumptions and see our situation evaluated from a different prospective. With Intellectualz.com my talent improved and I saw a new  

Renuka Saini
Aranca, Mumbai

  "Intellectualz is one of the most robust career builders I got associated with and which not only guided me but also advised me a lot. My special thanks to Mr. Aatish arora who did the great job to al  

Kamlesh Sisodia
IP Pro Inc., Bangalore

  I am really thankful to Intellectualz.com for helping me in every possible way. They have channelized my career to a very big name in Law firms and I am very happy for their contribution in stabilizin  

Soumya Swetha
Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan

  Intellectualz provided a professional and detailed insight into job opportunities and short comings of a candidate for that position which aided the candidate to prepare and overcome the shortcomings   

A budding IP Professional

  The team at Intellectualz are extremely friendly and at the same time very professional. The team in Intellectualz are both attentive and informative about any queries regarding the current trend/requ  

Bapaditya Saha
Sumpraxis BPO Services Pvt. Ltd.

  I would like to thank Aatish and intellectualz.com for the excellent service provided for me and appreciate your responsibility you had taken throughout.   

Vandana Naagti
OMS Patent Services

  My name is KULDEEP and I came to know about the IPR sector in 2012 and I am trying hard to get a job in this field for the past one year. Recently I met Mr. Aatish Arora and to my surprise I got the j  

Kuldeep Singh
Perfexio Legal

  With professionalism and good understanding of the IP field,my consultant Mr. Aatish Arora gave me excellent career advice and placed me in a good job.  

Swati Varshney

  I would like to compliment Intellectualz on the excellent IP placement cell that they have put up on.   

Vishal Singh

  Intellectualz Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the offer I garnered last week. Especially, I would like to thanks Mr. Aatish Arora for his positive effort which helped me in making a care  

Varun Kumar

  I express my sincere thanks to Intellectualz. I am very much happy that after the completion of Patent Analyst Training Program, I have been placed in International IPR Services. It was a satisfying e  

Jancy John

  Your meticulous screening process has helped the company to source appropriate candidates who are performing as per our expectations. We look forward to a long lasting mutually rewarding association  

Jeremiah Gangmei

  I am dropping this mail to you to inform you that i got an opportunity to join K & S Partners (Gurgaon) through GIIP Delhi. Hence, I joined on June, 18, 2012. I felt good as because it's been the seco  

John Deka

  First of all I would like to thank you and your organization. You people doing a very good job by helping people like me. people like me have the talent but not reaching to their goal. You and your or  

Kasturi Sinha Roy

  I am very happy to take the services from Intellectualz.com. Mr. Aatish Arora has helped me a lot to achieve the success. I am now an employee of K & K Advocates and IP Attorneys.  

Manohar Binny

  I have found Intellectualz.com to be a excellent class placement organization related to Intellectual Property sector that always tend to find very good placements for its aspirants  

Pallabi Rout


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